Back to the way it used to be- clean and simple.

My posts so far have been about one part of my life… my full time job.  This post is a little different.  This post is about my life.  Specifically the part of my life that matters the most- my health, my home, and my family.

I have a very strong belief that the preservatives, chemicals, and hormones that are in everything we eat, everything we put on our bodies, and everything we have in our homes is destroying our health.  I have personally dealt with my own health issues including elevated levels of inflammation and have been told the best thing for my health is to eat organic and avoid preservatives as much as possible- which includes eliminating gluten from my diet- or else continue to be miserable.  Along my journey to figure out what was causing my inflammation and discomfort- I discovered I’m actually not in the minority, it’s a VERY common thing now.  It’s so easy for everyone to say “our grandparents ate gluten and they were just fine”  I’m sure they did- but it wasn’t the gluten we are eating now. It wasn’t genetically modified like the foods we are now consuming.  Our grandparents used home remedies, they did not run to the doctor for a big dose of antibiotics every time they sneezed, and the doctors wouldn’t have prescribed them anyways.  It was a different culture.  So in my quest for living clean- I’ve rediscovered something my mother always used and encouraged as I was growing up-and along the way I somehow lost- essential oils.


I have been using generic, non-therapeutic oils in my home in a diffuser, as a natural flea and pest remedy, and in various other household uses.  I haven’t thought of oil as being something I could use on me or my family.  A sweet friend introduced me to Young Living last month and I am in LOVE!  There’s so much to share about the amazing things these magical oils can do to improve lives.  I’m so in love!  I bought my starter kit thinking I was just getting really high quality oils to diffuse and clean with.  Imagine my surprise when I started reading… and reading… and reading.  I am obsessed!  I’ve seen positive changes in my life already, and it’s only been a month.  My close friend and colleague has joined me in this journey and we are not only having so much fun experimenting with everything, we are amazed every day by the new uses and results.  I cannot wait every evening to get home and figure out new ways to use the oils!  I’m such a geek!  I am having so much fun on this journey- and the bonus- it’s changing our lives and our home!  🙂





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