Mediterranean Organic Forbidden Rice and Red Quinoa

Black rice is rich in Vitamin E- it is unprocessed and is able to retain all of it’s nutrients and is rich in antioxidants which is what makes is such a superfood! It helps with immunity, eye, brain, and skin health just to name a few!


  • 1 Cup organic black rice
  • 1 Cup 100% Whole Grain Organic Red Quinoa
  • 2 Cups Organic Vegetable Broth
  • 1 2/3 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Organic Medium Onion Chopped
  • 1/2 Organic Red Bell Pepper Chopped
  • 1 tbsp Organic Minced Garlic
  • 1 tbsp Organic Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp Organic Italian Seasoning
  • 1/2 tbsp Organic Red Pepper Flakes
These are the brands of grains I used

First and most important is rinsing and soaking the black rice and quinoa. While it is soaking- chop the bell pepper and onion and sauté that in olive oil with minced garlic.

Once the onion/bell pepper/ garlic have sautéed until they are just beginning to soften- add vegetable broth and water. Give the grains a final rinse and add them to the pot. Add your seasonings. You can add any seasoning you like- I prefer the Italian Seasoning and the Red Pepper Flakes for a bit of a kick.

Stir grains constantly until boiling, then reduce heat to Low and cover for 30 minutes- stirring occasionally.

Let sit for about 5 minutes before serving to allow any residual moisture to absorb.

This makes an excellent side- rice bowl- snack- you name it! I love to top mine with Feta and Peperoncini peppers and a little of the juice and some of my homemade Greek Dressing!

So many options of toppings! I love Organic Feta and Peperoncini Peppers with a drizzle of the pepper juice.

Nutritional Information:

Serves 8

Calories:       170
Total Fat:      3.5g
Cholesterol:    0g
Sodium:         138.2mg
Total Carbs:    32.1g
Protein:        5.6g
Iron:           3.2%
Potassium:      33.5mg
Vitamin A:      16.6%
Vitamin C:      14.3%

Trends vs Classics

One of the biggest questions I get at City Plumbing & Electric is “Is this trendy?  Is it going to go out in a few years?”  Most of the time- the answer is YES (that blunt honesty trait of mine rearing it’s head again).  However- I always follow up with- Do you LOVE it enough to live with it?  Because this is YOUR house people!  If you LOVE it- don’t worry about the trends.  If you’re going to live in your house for a while- then YOU are the one who is going to have to live with it.  Now if you’re going to be selling your house in the next 2-3 years- that is when you are going to have to take “trends” into account.  What is hot right now- will most certainly be yesterday’s news in a couple of years.  So what to do?  My advice?  Keep it simple.  Avoid the trends- the “hot” finishes and colors- the statement pieces- and stick to the classics.  Brushed Nickel finishes, white fixtures, classic designs and colors.  Doesn’t SOUND like much fun- but hang with me here- there are things you can do to spice it up.  Think jewelry!  Lighting is the JEWELRY of the house.  Mix those finishes up!  Add some sparkle if bling is your thing!  Warm it up with textures and wood.  There’s so much you can do with lighting!



Sometimes All You Have To Do Is Show Up. And That’s Absolutely Good Enough.

Y’all- I feel like all I’ve done this whole year is RUN!  And I don’t mean recreationally- I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who can just work out all my frustrations on the pavement.  I’m not.  I do go to the gym in the mornings- but that’s just a desperate battle against the middle-agedness creeping up on me as I turned 40 this year!

I work a full time job 40 hours a week, am a Real Estate agent, and a full-time step-mom to two busy teenage girls.  My family’s day consist of 14-16 hours of HECTIC!  I know I’m not the only one out there- can I get an Amen?!!  When I FINALLY roll into the bed at night- my brain is still in hyperdrive!  I’m looking for the shut down button but my brain just laughs.  I have several friends with this same problem.  Not to mention the breakdown in immunity with all the exhaustion.  That glass (or two) of wine at night to wind down?  Doesn’t really help when you wake up at 2am making the run to the bathroom and then- *click* brain in full on “what do we have on the agenda today? What did I screw up yesterday?  What’s for dinner tonight?  Oh lord- why did I say that/do that?  What do the girls need that I forgot- there’s probably ten things more I should have done yesterday…  AARRGGHH!!!!  How much longer can I survive on no sleep?  Let’s google the longest anyone has ever went without a decent night’s rest.  Oh while I’m on here- let’s do a little research on…. Boy that casserole looks good- what night this week are we home before 7?  Do I have time to go to the grocery store on my lunch?  Wait- What all errands am I doing on my lunch this week- I need to make a list and a plan… ” mode.   Before I know it, it’s 4:30 and my alarm is going off to go to the gym- because 5 am is LITERALLY the only time I have to actually go to the gym!

Anyone want to raise their hands that this sounds familiar?  And amidst all this- I REALLY REALLY want to instill good habits in my family and feed them healthy foods and keep them well.  So how many superwomen out there feel me?  And how many times a day do you just completely feel like you’re dropping the ball in at least one of the areas every day?  Well let’s all just take a minute and pat ourselves on the back that we are SHOWING UP.  Every day.  We SHOW UP.  We don’t pull the covers over our head and go back to sleep for “5 more minutes”.  We drag our exhausted butts out of the warm, soft comfort of our bed and we pop the bread in the toaster, pack the pre-made lunchable that we just swore we wouldn’t do this week but dang, it was 8 pm last night before we were able to get to the store and whose brain is seriously still rolling at that time?  We make sure the teenager’s hair is freshly curled while we spray dry shampoo in our mop for “one more day” (pretty sure I’m about 80% dry shampoo at this point) while we run out 30 minutes early to Walmart because he completely forgot that he had to have a 1 1/2 inch binder with colored tabs for his class today and was warned points would be taken off his agenda if he didn’t have it today.  We SHOW UP.  We feel like if we get ONE MORE eye roll that we are going to move to an island and live in a hut and lets see how they all survive after that??  We lose our minds when we walk in from a long day at work and the MICROWAVE DOOR is standing wide open in the kitchen along with all the trash from their lunchbox is sitting on the kitchen counter two whole feet from the trash can???  WHO LEAVES THE MICROWAVE DOOR OPEN?????  What type of hooligans are we raising???

We Show Up.  We fight the battles.  We win some.  We lose some.  And no matter how much we feel like they will NEVER appreciate us- we all hold on to that single hope that all of our mother’s, grandmother’s and friends tell us… They know.  They know how much we love them.  They know how much we do for them.  Even if they don’t show it now.  One day.  One day they will say Thank You.  We hold onto that.  And we Show Up.

Our houses are messier than we want.  We sometimes forget to buy the healthy lunch we swore we would do better with this week.  Their perfect outfit isn’t always washed.

In the end- the most important thing you can do for your family is to just Show Up.  They won’t remember the details as much as you think.  They’ll just remember you being there.  So let’s all cut ourselves some slack on all the things we didn’t do this week- rub some lavender on your feet and lie down tonight with a little feeling of satisfaction that you were there today.  You were present and you made a little impact somehow- because you were there.

The Many Benefits Of The Steam Shower… Shower Options Part 2

Ahhh… The luxury of the steam shower!  They aren’t just for the gym or the spa.  Steam showers are quite common in residential homes as well.  It’s more than just a “luxury” item- there are packages available to suit everyone’s needs.

People have been using steam bathing to cleanse and purify for centuries.  The Greeks, Romans, Japanese, Native Americans, Icelandic cultures, and many others have long utilized the many health benefits of steam.

Just a few to note:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Detoxify- Sweat out the bad stuff!
  • Opens Clogged Pores for Clearer Skin
  • Increases Cardiovascular System to Aid in Metabolism Boost
  • Loosening Mucus for Opening up Sinuses
  • Soothing Sore Muscles & Joint Pain
  • Helps the body to remove excess sodium, metabolic and other waste products.
  • Relieves Stress.  I’m going to say that one again…. RELIEVES STRESS!!!
*A quick word of caution- always check with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough before using any type of steam or sauna.  These are not good for people with some medical conditions such as heart conditions or diabetes.* 

Now that you have done the research and decided that you want the awesome benefits of steam in your beautiful new custom shower- “What’s next?” you may ask?  Well it’s simple actually!   Call me at 770-887-1420 ext 2410 or email and we will set up a time to chat.  Bring with you your plans, or the dimensions of your shower, and I’ll take care of the rest.   

A few tips to get the most from your steam shower while you are in the planning stages:

  • Sizing is one of the most important parts in the function of your shower.  The larger the shower- the more powerful generator you are going to need to produce enough steam to fill the shower.  If you underestimate or try to cut costs with a smaller generator, you will end up disappointed in the functionality.
  • Try to choose a material for the walls of your shower that absorbs the least moisture for the most cost effective and best function from your steam generator.
  • The shower needs to be completely enclosed- you want to keep all of that glorious steam in one spot for you to enjoy!
  • Think about what type of control system you would like.  There are digital options, with apps that sync to your phone, standard controls, etc. and we can discuss them all in more detail.


Why not maximize the benefits of your steam shower- throw in some essential oils.  The manufacturers recommend using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils- and they even design their systems around them.  The steam heads have wells designed into the tops of them to let the oils blend with the steam seamlessly.  Several manufacturers actually have an oil delivery system.  While your pores are opened and your senses relaxed- revel in the luxurious scents and healthy support these oils offer!  A few ideas to get started with:


So don’t forget this fantastic option when building that dream shower.  Call me today to discuss the availability and the benefits for your individual needs.

770-887-1420 ext 2410

Back to the way it used to be- clean and simple.

My posts so far have been about one part of my life… my full time job.  This post is a little different.  This post is about my life.  Specifically the part of my life that matters the most- my health, my home, and my family.

I have a very strong belief that the preservatives, chemicals, and hormones that are in everything we eat, everything we put on our bodies, and everything we have in our homes is destroying our health.  I have personally dealt with my own health issues including elevated levels of inflammation and have been told the best thing for my health is to eat organic and avoid preservatives as much as possible- which includes eliminating gluten from my diet- or else continue to be miserable.  Along my journey to figure out what was causing my inflammation and discomfort- I discovered I’m actually not in the minority, it’s a VERY common thing now.  It’s so easy for everyone to say “our grandparents ate gluten and they were just fine”  I’m sure they did- but it wasn’t the gluten we are eating now. It wasn’t genetically modified like the foods we are now consuming.  Our grandparents used home remedies, they did not run to the doctor for a big dose of antibiotics every time they sneezed, and the doctors wouldn’t have prescribed them anyways.  It was a different culture.  So in my quest for living clean- I’ve rediscovered something my mother always used and encouraged as I was growing up-and along the way I somehow lost- essential oils.


I have been using generic, non-therapeutic oils in my home in a diffuser, as a natural flea and pest remedy, and in various other household uses.  I haven’t thought of oil as being something I could use on me or my family.  A sweet friend introduced me to Young Living last month and I am in LOVE!  There’s so much to share about the amazing things these magical oils can do to improve lives.  I’m so in love!  I bought my starter kit thinking I was just getting really high quality oils to diffuse and clean with.  Imagine my surprise when I started reading… and reading… and reading.  I am obsessed!  I’ve seen positive changes in my life already, and it’s only been a month.  My close friend and colleague has joined me in this journey and we are not only having so much fun experimenting with everything, we are amazed every day by the new uses and results.  I cannot wait every evening to get home and figure out new ways to use the oils!  I’m such a geek!  I am having so much fun on this journey- and the bonus- it’s changing our lives and our home!  🙂