The Many Benefits Of The Steam Shower… Shower Options Part 2

Ahhh… The luxury of the steam shower!  They aren’t just for the gym or the spa.  Steam showers are quite common in residential homes as well.  It’s more than just a “luxury” item- there are packages available to suit everyone’s needs.

People have been using steam bathing to cleanse and purify for centuries.  The Greeks, Romans, Japanese, Native Americans, Icelandic cultures, and many others have long utilized the many health benefits of steam.

Just a few to note:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Detoxify- Sweat out the bad stuff!
  • Opens Clogged Pores for Clearer Skin
  • Increases Cardiovascular System to Aid in Metabolism Boost
  • Loosening Mucus for Opening up Sinuses
  • Soothing Sore Muscles & Joint Pain
  • Helps the body to remove excess sodium, metabolic and other waste products.
  • Relieves Stress.  I’m going to say that one again…. RELIEVES STRESS!!!
*A quick word of caution- always check with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough before using any type of steam or sauna.  These are not good for people with some medical conditions such as heart conditions or diabetes.* 

Now that you have done the research and decided that you want the awesome benefits of steam in your beautiful new custom shower- “What’s next?” you may ask?  Well it’s simple actually!   Call me at 770-887-1420 ext 2410 or email and we will set up a time to chat.  Bring with you your plans, or the dimensions of your shower, and I’ll take care of the rest.   

A few tips to get the most from your steam shower while you are in the planning stages:

  • Sizing is one of the most important parts in the function of your shower.  The larger the shower- the more powerful generator you are going to need to produce enough steam to fill the shower.  If you underestimate or try to cut costs with a smaller generator, you will end up disappointed in the functionality.
  • Try to choose a material for the walls of your shower that absorbs the least moisture for the most cost effective and best function from your steam generator.
  • The shower needs to be completely enclosed- you want to keep all of that glorious steam in one spot for you to enjoy!
  • Think about what type of control system you would like.  There are digital options, with apps that sync to your phone, standard controls, etc. and we can discuss them all in more detail.


Why not maximize the benefits of your steam shower- throw in some essential oils.  The manufacturers recommend using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils- and they even design their systems around them.  The steam heads have wells designed into the tops of them to let the oils blend with the steam seamlessly.  Several manufacturers actually have an oil delivery system.  While your pores are opened and your senses relaxed- revel in the luxurious scents and healthy support these oils offer!  A few ideas to get started with:


So don’t forget this fantastic option when building that dream shower.  Call me today to discuss the availability and the benefits for your individual needs.

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How Much Is TOO Much? Shower Options For Everyone… PART 1

Live Shower
Our live shower allows for demonstration of different brands and shower systems


There are so many options out there for showering.  A lot of people are skipping the tub option in the Master Suite and maximizing the shower space.  Once you open that door- it’s a slippery slope! (haha)  There are so many options!  Steam or no steam?  Rainhead?  From the ceiling or from the wall?  Do you want water pressure?  Or are you wanting more of an “experience”?  Do you want a handheld for cleaning?  Is there a seat in your shower?  Oh- lets not forget about digital!  If that’s not all enough- there are a multitude of finishes!!!  Chrome?  Polshed or Brushed Nickel?  Bronze?  Gold is making a HUGE comeback in a softer, gentler way!  One of the most popular right now?  BLACK!?!  Is your head spinning yet?

Well, that’s where I come in.  My customers walk in confused and frazzled and feeling rushed, and 99.9% of the time they walk out feeling much more informed and comfortable with their choices and thanking me for making it so easy.  My secret?  Training.  Lots of training and experience helping customers with all types of situations.  We sometimes have to get crafty in this line of work to make it happen for our customers.  So lets break it down a little.  This will most definitely have to be a multi-part series- there are so many parts that go into a custom shower.  So lets start with the basics:  Valves.

The first thing your plumber needs to know is what manufacturer you are going to go with and how many valves to install.  And he wanted to know it yesterday.

Brands/Manufacturers are important.  You want to ALWAYS go to a supply house to get your valves and plumbing fixtures.  Avoid the big box stores.  They have their purpose- but plumbing fixtures are not one of them.  Don’t believe me?  Ask your plumber.  Still don’t believe us?  Walk in the big box store and ask an employee how many gallons per minute can the valve they are selling you handle?  How many shower heads/functions can you run off of that valve?  Oh- and what about a diverter?  Your plumber mentioned something about one of those?  Now that you’ve good and confused the poor guy/gal- come see me.  The manufacturers mostly make specific lines for these stores designed to sell at a lower price point.  And how do they do that you may ask?  Well they aren’t giving away the good stuff for free!  😉

Once you make the choice to set up a consultation- it’s time to consider a few of your options.  If you want to keep it simple and have only one shower head, wether it be in a tub/shower or a shower only, you’re only going to need one valve.  So yay!  Decision #1 is made!

HOWEVER- if you are going to add functions, such as that ceiling mount raincan, body sprays or a hand shower- we have a bit more to discuss.  There are two ways to do this in a shower.  The first way and the more budget friendly and most common way is to use a diverter system.  In this case you will need two valves.  The main valve controls the temperature AND volume and the diverter directs the water to the function you are desiring.  I can go more in depth on this and the options- but for the sake of your eyes reading this on your computer/phone screen- just consider that with this you cannot run more than 2 of the functions together at the same time.  Also with this system you cannot have more than 3 functions total and the water pressure is more limited.  This is not a good system for the “carwash” shower.

The best option, and also can be the most costly, for multiple functions is going to be a volume control system.  This system has a mixing valve for temperature only.  You have a handle that controls how hot or cold the water is- and then you have a volume control to turn EACH function on and off.  Which gives you much more control over each function. It requires a volume control valve for each function as well as that all important mixing valve.  Aside from cost- there are other considerations on this system.  Some feel that it makes the shower extremely “busy”.

A new solution to that “business” in the shower is eliminating the handles all together!  Digital Valves are making a splash (pun intended) in the shower!  You get maximum pressure out of the system, and full control with so many options!  My one piece of advise on these systems- have a hand shower that is run to a good old fashioned regular mixing valve in the case of power outages or just for general cleaning.

There are other considerations to go over- and that’s where a one on one consultation is important.  Your plumber is most likely overbooked and working hard to squeeze everyone in- and they are not going to give you a week or two notice in most cases that they need your valves.  That’s where you need to take the bull by the horns and stop in to discuss your options.  Appointments are not necessary, but encouraged if you would like to have plenty of one on one time and not have to wait for it!  🙂

Call me at 770-887-1420 ext 2410 or email with any questions or to set up an appointment!