Trends vs Classics

One of the biggest questions I get at City Plumbing & Electric is “Is this trendy?  Is it going to go out in a few years?”  Most of the time- the answer is YES (that blunt honesty trait of mine rearing it’s head again).  However- I always follow up with- Do you LOVE it enough to live with it?  Because this is YOUR house people!  If you LOVE it- don’t worry about the trends.  If you’re going to live in your house for a while- then YOU are the one who is going to have to live with it.  Now if you’re going to be selling your house in the next 2-3 years- that is when you are going to have to take “trends” into account.  What is hot right now- will most certainly be yesterday’s news in a couple of years.  So what to do?  My advice?  Keep it simple.  Avoid the trends- the “hot” finishes and colors- the statement pieces- and stick to the classics.  Brushed Nickel finishes, white fixtures, classic designs and colors.  Doesn’t SOUND like much fun- but hang with me here- there are things you can do to spice it up.  Think jewelry!  Lighting is the JEWELRY of the house.  Mix those finishes up!  Add some sparkle if bling is your thing!  Warm it up with textures and wood.  There’s so much you can do with lighting!



Fresh New Takes On The Apron Front (aka “Farmhouse”) Sink

I met a client today on my day off at our Gainesville showroom to help her pick out faucets to go with her gorgeous new Native Trails Native Stone apron front sinks:Native Stone

It’s such a stunning sink!  A different take on the Apron Front style.  I find it refreshing to veer away from the typical white apron front. Don’t get me wrong, the white sinks are gorgeous.  I do them every day in kitchens and they turn out beautiful!  But the key word here is- I do them every day in kitchens.  And there are SO many options out there, whether it’s mixing up the color of a classic Cast Iron sink, or changing the material entirely to something as stunning as the Native Stone, Hammered Copper or Nickel, or the Stainless Steel- mixing it up to make a big standout!

So no matter what your material- the apron front sink is in HIGH demand right now and becoming the centerpiece in many kitchens.

And in case you are curious…  we went with the matte black Delta Trinsic kitchen faucet with her beautiful Slate Native Stone sink!  It’s going to be stunning!



I’m so excited as the project takes shape!  We are combining rustic and transitional to make a unique and personal Dahlonega, Ga. paradise for a wonderful family!

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