Why do I love Oils? My story…

Why do I love my oils?

That’s a really good question.  My personal story isn’t really all that shocking or extreme.  I simply turned 40 this year.  There’s not really anything much like turning 40 to make you start really looking at your life!  I’ve always tried to eat healthy, keep as many toxins as possible out of my home, and to be conscious of what I purchase for my family to put in and on their bodies.  Or so I thought at least!

I purchased my Young Living Premium Starter Kit from my sweet friend just on a whim one day.  She suggested it as a great idea for closing gifts for my Real Estate clients and I agreed- and Hey, I LOVE my diffuser- so why not get a new one and a ton of cool oils to try out.  Along with my kit came addition into some awesome Facebook groups CHOCK FULL of amazing women with so many stories to tell, tips to give, and just general encouragement and support for each other and I was hooked!

I’ve used essential oil diffusers in the home for years.  I had NO IDEA, however you could put oils ON and even IN your body.  Or use them to replace so many products in your life!  I truly had no idea that so many items in our homes CONTAINED so many ingredients that were considered toxic!  Not saying I went into my house with a garbage bag and just tossed everything and started fresh.  As much as I would have loved to do that- I’ve eased myself into this so as to avoid complete meltdown status!  But boy oh boy I’ll tell you this- the whole weed killer chemical being in cereals and granola bars thing really knocked me for a loop this week!  No wonder so many people are developing cancer!  What we are putting in our bodies without even knowing it?  It’s shocking!

I spent my entire vacation literally POURING through all the information I could find- just fascinated with all the amazing properties of essential oils.  I have had so much fun learning and experimenting!

Probably the most shocking part of my story is that I cannot actually SMELL the oils.  That’s right- I am obsessed with AROMAtherapy and I have no sense of SMELL.  Unfortunately I had an encounter with a tennis net about a year ago that I lost badly and landed me in the hospital with a fractured skull and multiple brain bleeds.  I am one blessed lady however- as the only residual damage was minor memory loss and severed olfactory nerves.  There’s hope that they may heal and re-connect- but no promise.  HOWEVER- every other member of my family have perfectly functioning sniffers and they benefit from my diffusers!  I’m happy to also report that my family has adjusted nicely to me shoving things under their nose with a “what does this smell like?” on a regular basis.  I have discovered that for ME- I still get the calming benefits of stress release and the sleep inspiring calm of Lavender without actually being able to “smell” it.  Just because my brain doesn’t quite know how to TELL me what it smells like- the neuro- receptors still seem to be there to allow me to reap some of the benefits.  However truly the most I benefit is from absorption and ingestion.  I could go on and on- but let’s just say I love the changes oils have made in my life so far- and I’m just getting started folks!

Now- there’s plenty of skeptics out there-  (One in particular I’m not going to call out but you know who you are…) But that’s okay!  Every lifestyle isn’t for everybody!  Doesn’t make it work any less for me!  The vast majority of people in my life however range between open-minded and interested to hooked like I am!  The world is changing.  We cannot even trust our CEREAL anymore people!!!!  I have actually saved money with Young Living- I make my own foaming hand soap and it literally takes 3 minutes.  No more candles and wax melts!  3-4 drops of oil in a cup of water in my diffuser makes my house smell good for HOURS!  No more toxic flea drops for my furry kids.  CedarOil diluted and sprayed on them and around the outside and inside of the house- no unwanted bugs!  My favorite?  The ROLLERS y’all!!!!  Unlimited combinations to support so many things…  The list literally just goes on and on….  and it’s growing constantly as I learn more and more!

I chose Young Living on the recommendation of a sweet friend I trusted- plus just seeing her passion about the company was inspiring!  Once I received my kit I felt a little overwhelmed at first.  So I dug in to all of the wonderful resources I was provided and found out that I had stumbled into something truly special!

The first thing I love?  The Seed to Seal Promise.  You can read all about it Here, and guys- it’s pretty important!

The next is just the general support and love they have for each and every person.  Not just Young Living members- but the planet and people.

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